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Bayley on winning the title, how she got her name, more


The new NXT Women’s Champion Bayley was interviewed by Journey Of A Frontman about her career thus far in WWE. You can read the interview at this link. Here are some highlights:

On winning the title in front of a sold out arena:

“Going into the match, I thought I was going to be so nervous. The thought of performing in front of that many people freaked me out. But once I got out there, I realized that it was a million times easier because there’s just so much more energy and so much more noise. It helps the match a lot. It turned away all those nerves and just turned it into excitement. I really do love shows in small, intimate settings like Full Sail and the armories and stuff, but there’s really no feeling like being in front of almost sixteen thousand people. Now I just want to do that every week.”

On Stone Cold praising her title match at Takeover:

“It was really cool. I just listened to it actually. In the past, he’s been a fan of our matches. After the fatal four way, he started following me on Twitter. I was going crazy! Then I started to notice he does watch NXT and he appreciated the women’s matches specifically. So I knew he was a fan, but when I heard that he was gonna review our match, I listened to it and I couldn’t believe how much thought and time he took to talk about our match. He was saying nothing but good things. He was watching it as he was talking about it on the podcast. He called us both stars and he said that match is professional wrestling. There’s no higher compliment that we can get. If we can impress Stone Cold, I feel like we can do anything. It’s the best!”

Who helped mold her character:

“Dusty, The American Dream. Since we had promo classes every week, he was seeing the material I was coming up with and the ideas I had. Every week he was like “Oh you should do this. You should start out with the yearbook and have all these pictures of the Divas and the Superstars. Just have them come out and sign it!” So much material and so much knowledge. He just kept telling me “Just reach back to when you were actually eleven years old or twelve years old as a fan. Just bring that out of you.” Once he said that, it was so easy because this is literally how I was when I was ten or twelve years old. In my first match as Bayley against Alicia Fox, I put my hair in a side ponytail. But if you watch it back, once I got in the ring, I took it out. I was like “Well I need to have my hair down. This is a wrestling match.” I normally had my hair down for matches. When I got to the back, the first person waiting there was Dusty. And he said “Why did you take your hair out?” “Because I don’t want it to get messed up.” I didn’t want it to get all crazy. He was like “You wear a ponytail forever now. You go out there with the ponytail, you wrestle with the ponytail. I don’t care how it looks when you get back, that’s your thing.” And I was like “Okay, cool.” So then I always wore the ponytail and I was so happy he gave me that word of advice”

How she got the name Bayley:

“It was one of my choices. There was a small list of names and Bayley was one of them, but it was spelled the other way. B-a-i-l-e-y. So I asked them if it was possible that we could change it to B-a-y-l-e-y. I wanted it to mean something to me, not just a random name. I’m from the Bay Area and so I asked them to spell it that way. I had to wait I think another week to make sure it was clear with legal and stuff. But yeah, they were able to spell it that way and it represents something.”

  • Kalkofen

    Nice interview. She’s incredibly sweet and humble, I can’t understand how anyone could dislike her.