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Backstage talk on Bayley’s future with WWE’s Main Roster


It’s no secret that NXT Women’s Champion Bayley often mention in media interviews how she’s happy staying in NXT. Apparently this has been a major discussion point within NXT.

Regarding Bayley, there’s been some discussion over whether she will be the biggest female star in WWE history or if she will fail on the main roster. According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the feeling in WWE is that there’s no in between for Bayley. Some people see Bayley as a female John Cena, with the idea that she could do charity work and bring in younger female fans.

  • King KJ

    I don’t mind that at all, that’s great for bayley to be the female cena, except hopefully she won’t get nearly as many title reigns as cena cause other great female talent needs to be champion too.