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Backstage news on Eva Marie’s return


On the latest Wrestling Observer radio, Dave Meltzer noted that the crowd reaction for Eva Marie‘s return last night was not what WWE was expecting. We can confirm that that report is false.

In fact it’s just what they expected! WWE officials knew Eva Marie would get booed out of the building. They just wanted a big reaction from the crowd in Brooklyn and to garner more interest in the divas tag match for WrestleMania.

  • yee

    Where/who is your source?

  • Mojo Hokuto *Dangerous Queen*

    I feel so bad about Nikki. This was supposed to be her role and she would’ve gotten just as big a reaction (even bigger), one not for the most part fueled by ‘go away’ heat. I’m neither of their biggest fans but I truly hope if the rumors about Nikki being unable to make a full return aren’t true, she continues to make a healthy recovery and gets the chance to have some more big matches with the newer girls, unless it puts her in a position that jeopardizes it (health first ofc). I know they didn’t really have any other choice with Eva and it’s great they’re trying to get most of these women some air time, but I feel like the reaction she’s going to get will distract from the actual action inside the ring.