Awesome Kong retires from wrestling

TNA Knockout Awesome Kong also known as Kia Stevens has announced her retirement from pro wrestling.

In a press release from SEAdLINNNG (Nane Takahashi’s joshi promotion) it was announced that Kong would not be able to make the show on November 25th due to poor physical condition that has forced her into retirement. You can read it (poorly translated) here:

“First, I sincerely apologize for not being able to appear on the 25th.
I began feel the accident from this fall to their own physical condition, but has worked in demodulation while visits
to be made ​​today (the United States 21, 2008) is in a state of fight in Japan is located in the far from the state.
It is up to the ring in this state, to compete in the fan of everyone and the 25th Korakuen Hall
as well as hitting the rude to all players, it is encouraged to retire from wrestling from doctor year.
not done with my respect to players the last game in Japan is really unfortunate
Kia Stevens does not rise to anymore of Japan ring.
I decided to retire from the previous wrestling.

Because I was come continued to active duty so far there was a group called the All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling,
and thanks to all seniors and friends who gave me lovingly as his sister is a foreigner.
Sincerely I am grateful to all professional wrestling officials and fans of everyone in Japan.

And women’s wrestling in Japan, including the SEAdLINNNG is
I wish from the bottom of my heart that more and more development.
Kia Stevens will retire from professional wrestling
Thank you until now. “


  • Number One

    So TNA has now lost Kong and Brooke, and could lose Taryn. They need to sign some more women NOW!

  • Rhawk

    It’s terrible to hear her condition has made her retire, similar to how Daffney went, minus the barbed wire tables of course.
    Still, it’s a shame it came to this, hopefully Kia can find some form of happiness in her retirement days.

    And on a sadder note, with Kong AND Brooke gone from TNA, Taryn possibly joining them, and Angelina Love on maternity leave, that leaves TNA with 6 women now. Damn, if anything, TNA REALLY needs a good load of women to either return, or debut for them, now more so than ever.

  • Allie

    When TNA moves to POP TV they’ll have to rebuild their Knockout division, also their X and Tag team divisions need rebuilding too. Plenty of talent in Shimmer/Shine Dixie can bring in to rebuild the Knockout division.