Ava Storie Released From IMPACT Wrestling

Ava Storie has released from her contract with IMPACT Wrestling.

According to PWInsider.com, the release was due to the new regime change and the fact that they had nothing for her with storylines.

She last wrestled for IMPACT back in August when she lost to Rosemary in a match taped for Xplosion.

  • Ronline

    ‘the release was due to the new regime change and the fact that they had nothing for her with storylines.’

    … The Knockouts have storylines? This is the first I’ve heard of this.

    • Number One

      The Knockouts Division continues to sink, it’s sickening

      • QuentiliusMax

        Quite the opposite. Impact just started using Kiera Hogan, and Su Yung, and they are signed to a contract too.

        Ava Storie is all potential, and the fact that she’s been wrestling thorugh, and outsie of the US, shows how hard she has been working to get more experience. That being said, she needs more than just a year in the pro wrestling business until she’s regularly wrestling on television. She release isn’t a sign of the death of the KOs division, especially since new, more experienced women have stepped up

        • Number One

          Yeah, two new KOs after THREE have left in less than a month’s span.

          • QuentiliusMax

            That has nothing to do with the KOs division. You complained the KOs division is going downhill. The point I made is that the Division isn’t sinking, and has been the most well developed, and we’ll rounded KO roster since the establishment of the KOs division. EC3, Jamrs Storm, and Lashley aren’t KOs. Totally different, and unrelated conversation

            Also, speaking of the KOs, Impact Wrestling is hosting Tenille’s (fka Emma) first indie match on their twitch stream next weekend, along with other matches from Wrestlepro. So much for a KO division that (in your own words ds) “continues to sink”.

          • Number One

            No, but Ava, LVN, and Hania are, and they all departed in the month of January. Plus we’ve been getting the same KO matches for months

          • QuentiliusMax

            Hania was released because of the same problems she had in WSU. She has a bad attitude, and is in the business for herself. She didn’t just depart the company, she was released from contract because of her actions. It was reported through Squared Circle Sirens first.

            Ava Storie hadn’t really contributed a lot to the Division yet. She was signed in her first year of wrestling. While she has write a lot of potential, and room for growth (much respect, and props to her from travelling the world after she was signed to Impact, and gaining experience against different styles), I don’t think she was ready for television. The newly signed talents surpass her in experience and ability now.

            As for LvN, it’s a big loss. I agree with that. That being said, considering her long-time relationship with Zach Ryder, everyone knew it was bound to happen eventually. The only real negative consequence of her release is that she wanted to be released after the company put so much time setting her up for KOs champ. Kinda shady if you ask me

          • Number One

            They released Ava without even giving her a chance

          • QuentiliusMax

            That’s true. My guess is that they chose to focus on talents that they can already build a show around. Since Impact is in a restructuring phase of sorts, it makes sense that they would seek out stars which have that experience already. Why would you have someone who isn’t that ready on television. If I were working on a comeback, having someone that is still a bit green, and unready won’t help in the least. Last thing the KOs division needs to grow and improve is another Velvet Sky

          • Number One

            Bad example. Velvet was never green

          • QuentiliusMax

            I’d disagree with that. Velvet was a part of Impact wrestling for the better part of 9 years, and she never really stood out as a solo wrestlers. Even in the Beautiful People, Angelina Love, and Madison Raynr were stand outside in regards to quality of their matches.

    • QuentiliusMax

      So the fact that Allie is one of the most popular women wrestlers today isn’t because of multiple story lines ranging from her marriage to Braxton Sutter, her character development with Rosemary/Gail Kim, and her feud with Laurel Van Ness?
      What about Taya, and Rosemary feuding for some time until Visa issues with Canada?

      I know Impact wrestling gets a lot of hate, but even with all of the problems, the KOs have been on the rise these past few months.

      The Knockouts division just started using Kiera Hogan,. and Su Yung, and in the past taping, both had been placed into story lines. In addition o that, North East women indie regular Alexxis Nevaeh (aka Alisha Edwards) won matches through the taping. The Knockouts are on the rise again,. and have a far deeper roster of talents than they have had in years. Stop being a hater, and actually follow the propduct.

  • Alexander G

    She’s still quite young, has a great look and there’s a lot of latent potential, so I hope she continues her ring experience or she could try a WWE tryout and see how it goes.