Athena reporting to WWE soon

As we reported a few weeks ago independent wrestler Athena has signed with WWE.

She was signed immediately after her tryout, which (we exclusively reported) with WWE during the Summer and will be reporting to the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida in the upcoming weeks.

Congrats, Athena

  • Kalkofen

    This is absolutely awesome. I don’t want to be one of those guys that sometimes over-hypes incoming talent from the circuit but she’s the real deal.

  • Rhawk

    First Kana/Asuka, now Athena? The gap Becky, Charlotte & Sasha left was already filled with the former alone, adding Athena to the mix is just too much. Now if only Nikki Storm would be added as well and the NXT women will be even better than they were.

    • BAE might be “BI”-polar;)

      Eva vs Athena in the ultimate model vs wrestler feud. The story writes itself

      • Rhawk

        Which Eva would highly win… ugh.

    • Kalkofen

      I will scream like a little b*tch if they grab Nikki too. TNA not signing her after boot camp was a huge mistake, she’s gorgeous, charismatic and though she might not be as good as Kana/Asuka and Athena in the ring, she’s great nevertheless. She’ll have Full Sail in the palm of her hand easily

  • Marshy

    Looks like every Diva are coming and are gunning for the NXT competition in the Divas/Women Division and for the NXT Women’s Championship now held by Bayley.