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Annie Social & Kimber Lee to get a second shot at WSU Gold?

According to the CZW Wrestling official website Women Superstars Uncensored officials have granted C.U.N.T’s (Kimber Lee and Annie Social) a second chance at the WSU Tag Team Championships. However, it’s not so cut and dry as it seems.

Kimber Lee and Annie Social must defeat each member of the current WSU Tag Team Champions Juicy Product in separate singles contests at Breaking Barriers on November 8th at the Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees, New Jersey. Social will face David Starr, while Kimber Lee will face JT Dunn. Should BOTH ladies be successful in their matches, then they will be awarded a return match for the WSU Tag Team Championship.

You can buy tickets to the Breaking Barriers event on November 8th here. The event will also be on internet pay per view which can be bought here.