Angelina Pivarnick training for WWE tryout

Former Jersey Shore star Angelina Pivarnick is training for a WWE tryout according to herself.

She recently has been in contact with WWE and NXT over the past few weeks setting up a tryout date and negotiating the details of her tryout.

How would you feel if Angelina got signed?

  • Kaledrina

    never ever watched jersey shore, didn’t even know who she was until she showed up on tna that time. but at least she’s actually a wrestling fan? wasn’t she looking at training a couple years ago but had a pregnancy or something..? she seems to really want to be a diva and she seems to really like wrestling. for now, that’s good enough for me. all the best to her.

    • Dīzunattsu

      Had no idea she showed up on TNA, I watched Jersey Shore and her character was pretty good at starting drama in the house.

  • Wayne Kjelsrud

    Didn’t she start training a few years ago with the New Jersey Based Independent Wrestling Federation ?

  • Isaiah Newbie

    I feel like her signing unless she is a really good athlete or an exciting character, it would be pointless. No one cares about the Jersey shore cast and the division has done pretty well on getting popular through their wrestling down at NXT and through Total Divas on the main roaster. Most of the TD cast are bigger stars than she is right now.