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Andrea signs with WWE

We can confirm that independent wrestler Andrea has signed a contract with WWE and will be reporting to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida soon.

Andrea was known as Rosie Lottalove when she wrestled in TNA however In June of 2012 Andrea retired from pro wrestling due to health concerns but made her return to the squared circle 125 pounds lighter in October of 2015. Since that time she has been wrestling for SHINE and other independent wrestling companies in the state of Florida.

Andrea was apart of a WWE tryout back in 2015 and wrestled against Emma during an NXT match on October 22nd, 2015 where she was used as an enhancement talent.

  • Marshy

    She has made the right decision by coming back to wrestling or she wouldn’t get the chance to wrestle for the WWE when she was at the tryout in 2015 and has wrestled Emma when Emma was in NXT.

  • Thou

    People are saying she ended daffney’s career. It look like she just sat on her in the video I saw,

    • Marshy

      She is turning something that was a negative that people are saying that she had ended Daffney’s career into something that is a positive but coming out of retirement and to return to wrestling and signs with the WWE.