Amanda Saccomanno signs with WWE?

It seems as if Tough Enough runner up Amanda Saccomanno has signed a contract with WWE.

As we previously reported Amanda was brought to RAW last night and has been traveling with the Total Divas cast as they film for the newest season of Total Divas.

She recently put up a picture on her Instagram account stating how “Everything happens for a reason” and that she was “feeling grateful”

Shortly afterward Eva Marie tweeted a congratulatory tweet to her.

  • #AllRedEverything2.0

    Hire Amanda Fire Flop lee

  • TheNameisAndres

    Why would they hire her first when Gigi and Chelsea were so much better? She wasn’t bad, better than Sara, but she wasn’t that good either.

  • TabbyK

    I hope Gigi is signed next.

  • Maddox

    Eva Marie’s tweet kinda confirms it

  • MDelRey

    I hope Gabi GiGi and Dianna are also signed

    • Maddox

      And Chelsea too… basically all the female contestants yea? Lol

      • MDelRey

        Yesss i wouldnt mind Chelsea too but Daria needs to stay in that Afterbuzz TV

  • Brie’s Beautiful Life

    Chelsea needs to be signed

  • Rhawk

    Good for her I guess, still makes Sara Lee winning TE kind of pointless.