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  • J’ Liz

    wish Allysin nothing but the best ! Heard she had a tryout at the performance center over the Summer, wish WWE signed her. Hope MMA works out for her. she could be like Bobby Lashley and do both wrestling & MMA !

    • Kacey Brooke

      If I’m not mistaken think Victoria/Tara also wrestled and did MMA too. Then again might just been part of a storyline she did.

      • J’ Liz

        it was an angle, Victoria never did MMA for real. Kim Couture confronted her after a match, then it was supposed to lead to an MMA style match. For some odd reason the angle was dropped & match didn’t happen !

  • Allie

    If TNA ever decides they want to rebuild the Knockout division, I was hoping Allysin Kay was on the list of women they’d be interested in.

    • Alaina

      Allysin, Crazy Mary Dobson and especially Cherry Bomb will all be great additions to the knockouts! Maybe even Leva if wwe doesn’t sign her full-time. Sign those girls add them with Mia, Marti Bell, Gail, Taryn if she doesn’t leave and the knockouts can be awesome again.