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Alberto Del Rio wants Paige to do MMA, more

Former WWE superstar Alberto Del Rio promoted Combate Americas during an appearance on The MMA Hour. Del Rio is serving as President of the MMA promotion. Del Rio addressed his engagement to WWE superstar Paige, saying that their busy schedules may cause them to wed in May. He also dropped information regarding Paige’s neck injury and possible return date.

“She’s hurt at the moment. She had neck surgery three months ago and is doing physical therapy at the moment. We don’t know when she’s coming back, hopefully April, May, June, we don’t know.”

Host Ariel Helwani also asked Del Rio about the potential of Paige crossing over into the world of MMA. According to Del Rio, a former MMA fighter himself, he’d love the 24-year old to give it a shot.

“Of course. The other day she was with me at the jiu jitsu gym and I was teaching her a lot of stuff. Not trying to start drama, but I’d love to have her in the conversation fighting for me. I’m sure some staffer over there (at WWE) is mad at me.”

Via Fightful Wrestling
  • All I can do when I read this is sigh. Not really interested in seeing Paige in MMA. And it seems a little late for her to get started, especially coming off of a neck injury…

    • Marshy

      Cause once she injured her neck again, but this time in MMA, then that is it there is no coming back to the WWE nor MMA and no second chances to recover should she become paralyze. What kind of man who would want his woman to get into something that is dangerous knowingly that she is coming off a neck injury?

  • Joseph

    LOL No!!!