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Act Yasukawa set to retire


Act Yasukawa announced today that she will be retiring on December 23rd at Korakuen Hall.

She will hold a press conference this later on in the afternoon. Act’s announcement is one that she has known was coming, for a couple of months now.

During the summer of 2014, Yasukawa was hospitalized due to her fight with Graves Disease. While she was recuperating, she also had successful surgery to repair the vision in her right eye, which had been visually impaired most of her life due to the disease.

Following her February 22, 2015 match at Korakuen Hall vs Yoshiko, Yasukawa was hospitalized again for nearly one month with a fractured orbital socket and nasal cavity. Act went through surgeries, rehabilitation and training to make her comeback, because of her love for professional wrestling. However, the vision in the same eye that was repaired, had been severely damaged due to the attack on February 22.

Only weeks before her return to the ring on September 23, her doctor let her know that she cannot continue as a professional wrestler, and that her vision will never return to full capacity.

  • Nell-o

    This is absolutely heart-breaking. I wish the best for her, she fought tooth and nail just for the opportunity to perform and certainly made a name for herself. Such a shame her career had to end this way.