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AAA Reina de Reinas Championship Vacated, Taya Valkyrie stripped of the title

The Director of Talent for AAA , Vampiro declared that the Queen of Queens AAA Championship has been declared vacant on the official website of the Lucha Libre company,

The Reina de Reinas championship dates back to 1999 and has been in the hands of Xochitl Hamada , World Champions, Mary, Faby and Lady Apache , Rossy and Esther Moreno ; With Ayako Hamada and Taya being the most recent carriers.

Taya Valkyrie recently won the title from Ayako Hamada back in April during an AAA television taping in a no disqualification match, earning herself a second run with the title.

It’s being reported that she was stripped of the title due to using an illegal chokehold in said match that happened about 3 months ago…

None the less, more details on the destiny of the Championship crowning the best of the AAA Worldwide Women’s Division will be revealed in the coming days.