A Look at the Women’s Royal Rumble

As we get closer to the first Women’s Royal Rumble, Ryan and I wanted to take some time to give our thoughts on some moments we are watching our for.

Agree..Disagree.. let us know.

Let’s break things down :

First entrant

J :  I would like to see Nia Jax as the first entrant. I think it will get a good pop and it will create a story from the beginning of “who will eliminate Nia Jax.”

R : This is actually difficult to think of. I’ll have to go with my girl Natalya. She was just recently champion and is one of the best in-ring performers. This way, we can expect a good match up in the beginning and I don’t really see her winning.

First Elimination

J : I see someone like Lana or Dana getting thrown out first if not that pretty early on.

R : First woman to be eliminated… I honestly have no clue. It could truly be anyone. I’ll make a bold prediction and say Bayley

Biggest Surprise Moment   

J : Let me set the stage. The Bella twins are standing in the ring about to start fighting and eliminating each other. We get the count down clock going which causes them to stop. 3..2….1….. Kharma comes out and finishes what she started years ago.

R : I would love a surprise moment to be Asuka getting eliminated (preferably by Nia Jax). I don’t think there’s really a need for her to win.

Legend Return

J : I would love to see Trish Stratus step into the squared circle again. Please, if you do, give her more then 2-3 minutes. Lets see what she still has and let the crowd have a little hope.

R: As for a legend return, I’ll go with Trish Stratus. A battle between her and Mickie will have the crowd going crazy! But if we’re using the term “legend” loosely, I want Melina. 100%.

Longest Lasting 

J : Asuka….if she doesn’t actually win.

R : Honestly, I think this might be a shock. I’m going to go with Natalya. I think she’ll go in first and last awhile. Or Sasha Banks. I think she’ll have a long tenure in the match.

Winner : 

J : I would have loved to say Paige but that is not going to happen. WWE will be giving this honor to Asuka or a Bella Twin.

R : Logically, my pick to win is Asuka. But I’d really like it to be Nia Jax or Sasha Banks.