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Four possible new WWE divas?

NXT is having a tryout camp currently going on over the course of the weekend. We can assume that four females are taking part/have taken part/are being looked… The four girls are Alex Garanat, Callie Bundy, Steph Claire Smith and Zahra Schreiber.

Callie Bundy is not in Florida, but is in Connecticut where WWE has been holding shows. She reportedly got a look at during a house show during the last few days due to the recommendation of Ricardo Rodriguez. Callie is an IFBB bikini model and a hostess. She also has some relation to King Kong Bundy. She is friends with Marti Belle and Matt Cross. Some people have said she had training beforehand much like Kendall Skye did before her tryout.

Alex Garanat is a french canadian from Toronto, Canada. She does art projects and according to her twitter she is very into fitness. As of this moment her boyfriend is denying she’s getting a tryout, but why else would someone fly from Canada to Florida?

Zahra Schreiber is a professional model from Michigan who works as a tour manager in her free time. She has a full tattoo sleeve on her right arm, a chest piece, and a tattoo on her neck which is a big change from the usual diva look. She has confirmed herself that she is apart of the tryout camp, thanking several fans for the support on twitter. Zahra was invited to train but got the call for a WWE tryout.

A forth girl Stephanie Claire Smith also got a WWE tryout. The australian female is a Chadswick model and actress. She posted a photo working out and said that she was up for anything, including the WWE performance center.

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Thanks to Winter Ryan and JG for the tips.

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