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2015 Fan Awards: Lucha Underground Female of The Year – Ivelisse Velez


2015 is in the bag and over the last few weeks we polled our readers on who they thought were the best in 2015. The polls have been closed and the votes have been tallied! Who won? Let’s find out!

In 2015 Lucha Underground was a breakout TV sensation, capturing the hearts of wrestling fans around the world and giving fans a true alternative to WWE. Some may even argue that Lucha Underground was the best wrestling on TV in 2015. The company brought attention to many stars not well known to fans and they the first wrestling company to put women on the same level of the men on television. The women of Lucha Underground wrestled men and fought for the same titles as the men. They didn’t have a women’s division, every wrestler in the company was on the same level.

While the company didn’t have a huge female roster the likes of Sexy Star, Ivelisse, Catrina, and Black Lotus captured your attention whenever they appeared and with a 43% vote you voted Ivelisse Velez as the Lucha Underground Female of The Year.

Ivelisse claimed that she was the baddest bitch in Lucha Underground and she’s more than backed that up in 2015. She became one third of the inaugural Lucha Underground Trios Champion with Son of Havoc and Angelico and competed in one of the company’s best matches, a 3 on 3 ladder match for the trios title.

Near the end of season one Ivelisse broke her foot and still managed to compete in matches proving just how tough she is. While she lost the trios title 2016 looks to be an even better year for Ivelisse in Lucha Underground. With the competition in Lucha Underground heating up the huntress has her sights set on her prey in 2016.